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Road Trip!!! Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill, Kentucky

More than 100 years ago, a religious group that wanted to practice equality between men, women and all races, came to America from England. These Shakers practiced sustainability in all aspects of life, sharing jobs, growing their food, sheltering widows and orphans. Today, Shaker Village at Pleasant Hill maintains a collection of their buildings and practices what the Shakers preached.

Factory Farms in the Oceans??

In May 2020, Donald Trump signed an executive order to speed up the addition of factory farms for fin fish in the oceans. These Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations are out of sight of land, but create the same kind of pollution and food hazards as CAFOs in farmland. Fortunately, a coalition of groups and businesses are fighting back and asking Biden to rescind Executive Order 3921.

Celebrate World Fiddle Day with the Champ!

This podcast features an uncut version of a fiddle workshop at the Big Muddy Folk Festival given by Mike Fraser, Ozark fiddler and performer and Howard Marshall, author of three books on Missouri fiddling and Senior Senior Champion of the 2021 Weiser Fiddle Contest. The two fiddlers talk about their careers, regional differences in fiddle styles, MIssouri history and landscape and fiddles around the world.

Deb Hudman, Missouri's tick specialist

For the last two years, Deb Hudman has been collecting and studying Missouri ticks from every county in the state. Since our state is most diverse--prairies, woodlands, farm fields, pastures--we have a wide variety of the little buggers. What has she learned about ticks and the diseases they carry? Tune in and find out!

Meet Peng Tian, plant diagnostician

Peng Tian isn't a gardener, but he knows everything there is about diagnosing plant problems for gardeners, farmers, landscapers, foresters and anyone else interested in the health of our green world. In this interview, he tells about the Plant Pathology Lab at University of Missouri-Columbia, where owners can send (or bring) plant samples for identification of diseases, fungi, insect damage, herbicide drift or other worries.

How corporate agriculture manipulates farmers

North Carolina farmer Craig Watts had a 2-year honeymoon with the poultry industry, built four poultry barns and struggled to pay them off using the corporate system. He learned too late that the corporations hold all the cards--they supply animals, feed, transportation and a market that often pays less than 5 cents a pound for finished chickens. But he got out and this podcast tells how.

Sherri Dugger, Executive Director of Socially Responsible Agricultural Project

The Socially Responsible Agricultural Project helps communities faced with problems caused by Industrial Livestock Farming. If a community learns that a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation is coming into the neighborhood, SRAP will help with organization and experts that can help with the fight. They also help contractors who have signed up and learned that the corporate figures don't add up.

What's going on with the mid-Missouri cattle business?

Beef prices at the grocery store are sky high, but cattle ranchers aren't seeing new profits. It turns out that the giant corporations are squeezing consumers and blaming supply chain problems, but cattle ranchers are suffering from lack of competition as only a few corporations own all the markets. In this podcast, 4th generation cattle man Jeff Jones gives the view from on the farm. 100 years ago, Congress passed the Packers and Stockyards Act to prevent this kind of consolidation but that law is not being enforced. There is a solution... break up the corporations!

Afghan Refugees Find A Warm Welcome in Mid-Missouri

When Afghan refugees come to mid-Missouri, they find welcome from community organizations with direction from Catholic Charities of Central and Northern Missouri. In an interview with Margot McMillen, three organizers tell how these new neighbors come to the community and how we all can help them adjust to their new homes here.

Let's learn about Missouri prairies with Missouri Prairie Foundation Director Carol Davit

Carol Davit, Executive Director of Missouri Prairie Foundation, gives an excellent summary of the many ecosystems working together to keep prairies functioning for their plant and animal residents.

Black voices in agriculture: NAACP brings attention to a forgotten group of farmers

Webster Davis, Secretary to Missouri's NAACP chapter, and a black farmer, talks about challenges and progress in the agricultural community. Davis focuses on new legislation at the federal level introduced by Cory Booker and co-sponsored by many progressive senators in Congress.

Leading the Way in Missouri's Hemp Industry: Interview with Boone County's Dan Kuebler

Organic grower Dan Kuebler has been well-known to mid-Missouri farmers and consumers for decades. Now he is working to convert part of his farm to the growing of hemp, a new crop in Boone County.

Legislative Update

Update on bills working through the state capitol this session. Josh visits with Brian Smith, lobbyists with the Missouri Rural Crisis Center (MRCC). The mission of MRCC is to preserve family farms, promote stewardship of the land and environmental integrity and strive for economic and social justice by building unity and mutual understanding among diverse groups, both rural and urban. Brian has been watching some laws progressing that don't align with MRCC's mission and he shares. The hot topic this year is local control.

Veterans Day 2020 Broadcast

Rhett & Josh (both veterans) discuss topics and issues related to veterans. Special Guest Doug Bannister calls in and shares his experiences as a veteran.

Missouri Organic Association: Into the Future with New Ideas

Missouri Organic Association has recently received the gift of buildings for offices in Hartsburg. Their new Boone County location will benefit farmers and other food producers with the addition of a certified kitchen for products that can be sold throughout Missouri. Jackie Casteel is charged with bringing the dreams to life, and in this interview she tells how the work is going and reveals plans for MOA's winter conferences.

The Archives: Wood Stove Safety, Natural Dyes and More!!

KOPN community radio has been around since 1973, so the archives provide a treasure trove of information, much of it passed from person to person in interviews before the internet. In this episode of Farm and Fiddle, Rhett dives into the shelf of old recordings and finds some gems for the D.I.Y. generation.

Iowa's Art Cullen: Editor of the Storm Lake Times

Art Cullen and the Storm Lake Times made history a few years ago when the small-town newspaper won a Pulitzer for editorial reporting. In a state where conservative values are often taken for granted, Storm Lake has managed to quietly integrate a population of immigrants recruited by the meat factory industry. The Times, striving to serve all populations, has found success... Art Cullen tells us how.

Chatting with Howie Shucard, award-winning dog trainer

Howie Shucard of Ashland, Missouri, is an award-winning dog trainer specializing in curing aggression problems. Especially important during lockdowns, he wants all dogs and all owners to have happy experiences, and gives lots of tips on how to have a good relationship with your dog.

Opponents of Cooper County Cafos and Dr. Elliott Murphy

This program, which aired on July 8, 2020, begins with regular feature, "Agriculture in the News," focusing on land grabs by investment firm TIAA in Brazil. Then, the featured interview is with Dr. Elliott Murphy, Kansas City pulmonologist now involved in the fight against factory farming in Cooper County, Missouri. Dr. Murphy talks about the importance of health ordinances to protect citizens and the battle to steal local control from local-county health boards. The legislature has passed laws that favor factory farms, even while knowing that the factories, or concentrated animal feeding operations (cafos) are centers for pollution and disease.

July 15 2020 BONUS Interview Material

The interview went longer than the episode could contain. This bonus episode is provided in order to share with you everything that Dr. Lawrence shared with us.

July 15 2020 Interview with Dr. Robert Lawrence about public health risks that CAFO's create.

Josh interviews Dr. Robert Lawrence who shares stories about health studies and crisis that have occured as a result of CAFO presence in a community.

July 1, 2020: Discussion with Nadia Navarette Tindall about foraging, growing and eating native plants

Josh and Nadia Navarette Tindall discuss several native plants available for consumption and planting in home gardens.

Big win! Victory Against the E.P.A. on the Dicamba Issue!

Steve Smith is Agriculture Director of Red Gold Tomatoes and has led the charge against the overuse of chemicals on farm fields. In this conversation he talks about the fight against the E.P.A. approval of dicamba-tolerant soybeans--a situation that has caused the death of thousands of acres of neighboring fields and dicamba is sprayed and drifts to neighbors.

An Introduction to Rodale Institute in Iowa

Rodale Institute was the first farming organization to experiment and promote organic principles. Indeed, Rodale was the inventor of organic farming, insisting that the soil be nurtured and pests be fought without petroleum-based chemicals. On their Pennsylvania property, they try new and old experiments for row-cropping, vegetable farming, livestock maintenance and equipment innovation by using techniques they've perfected through the years. Now they are bringing their ideas to the midwest with a cooperative venture in Iowa. Kristine Lang talks to Margot McMillen about the work being done there and explains how midwestern farmers can get in touch and learn more.

Growing Hemp in Mid-Missouri

In 2017, the Missouri State Legislature passed a law allowing the cultivation of hemp in Missouri. Dan Kuebler of the Salad Garden in Boone County is one of the early adopters for the new crop. With his co-worker Garrett Fosse, Dan explains how he's learning the new system and what it will mean for his farm.

Pete Buttigieg at the Iowa Farmers Union Annual Meeting

"Mayor Pete" admits that he is from an urban background, but adds that his young life was much like that of rural youngsters who grow up thinking "success is getting out". He sees the need for investing in rural America, inlcuding investments about health, trade wars. He says that being around farmers has made him see that farmers "do math for a living." And how farmers are squeezed by receiving small prices for what they raise while buying inputs from monopolies that can price gouge.He agrees that an important part of health policy is food and farm policy.

Cory Booker at Iowa Farmers Union

Cory Booker is from New Jersey, but he has family in Iowa and he has studied issues in rural America hard, even traveling across the midwest and visiting farms to learn more. He recognizes that the farmers' share of the food dollar has gone down and that farm income is 50% of what it was a few years ago. He has lived in a food desert and understands the importance of local foods and a healthy lifestyle. He is a vegetarian... In this speech, he talked about all the health problems caused by toxic chemicals and praises the medicare-for-all movement and environmental justice. Also talked about climate change but admitted that Democrats don't have clean hands on that subject either.

Amy Klobuchar at the Iowa Farmers Union

Amy Klobuchar has received the Farmers Union Golden Triangle award several times in gratitude for work she has done for family farms. A Minnesotan, in her speech she teases Iowa in a good-natured way, but it is clear that her heart (and her head) are with the farmers. She is particularly concerned about dairy farmers and wants fairness in trade policy. She has worked on programs to bring young persons back to rural places. She is concerned about climate crisis and will immediately bring us back to the climate change agreements, bring back regulations regarding mpg in cars and other changes that might help.

Bernie Sanders at the Iowa Organic Association Conference

Presidential candidate Bernie Sanders laid out plans for USDA under his administration, including ideas like reinstating Country-of-Origin-Labeling (COOL) which is necessary for consumers who want to know what country their food is coming from. He also realizes that the current organic label has been corrupted by multinational corporations and vows to strengthen organic standards. He wants to bring young people back to rural America and restore consumer confidence.

Conversation with Stephen G. Jeffery, attorney

Farm and Fiddle hosts Rhett Hartman and Margot McMillen begin the conversation with Steve Jeffery with the questions, "what is a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation" and continue with background on CAFOs in Missouri, including the dismantling by the legislators of protections for neighbors and the environment. Jeffery is involved in lawsuits against the state, challenging the new make-up of the Clean Water Commission and the 2019 passage of Senate Bill 391, which takes away the right of counties to make their own rules to protect the health of their citizens.