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Chatting with Howie Shucard, award-winning dog trainer

Howie Shucard of Ashland, Missouri, is an award-winning dog trainer specializing in curing aggression problems. Especially important during lockdowns, he wants all dogs and all owners to have happy experiences, and gives lots of tips on how to have a good relationship with your dog.

Opponents of Cooper County Cafos and Dr. Elliott Murphy

This program, which aired on July 8, 2020, begins with regular feature, "Agriculture in the News," focusing on land grabs by investment firm TIAA in Brazil. Then, the featured interview is with Dr. Elliott Murphy, Kansas City pulmonologist now involved in the fight against factory farming in Cooper County, Missouri. Dr. Murphy talks about the importance of health ordinances to protect citizens and the battle to steal local control from local-county health boards. The legislature has passed laws that favor factory farms, even while knowing that the factories, or concentrated animal feeding operations (cafos) are centers for pollution and disease.

July 15 2020 BONUS Interview Material

The interview went longer than the episode could contain. This bonus episode is provided in order to share with you everything that Dr. Lawrence shared with us.

July 15 2020 Interview with Dr. Robert Lawrence about public health risks that CAFO's create.

Josh interviews Dr. Robert Lawrence who shares stories about health studies and crisis that have occured as a result of CAFO presence in a community.

July 1, 2020: Discussion with Nadia Navarette Tindall about foraging, growing and eating native plants

Josh and Nadia Navarette Tindall discuss several native plants available for consumption and planting in home gardens.

Big win! Victory Against the E.P.A. on the Dicamba Issue!

Steve Smith is Agriculture Director of Red Gold Tomatoes and has led the charge against the overuse of chemicals on farm fields. In this conversation he talks about the fight against the E.P.A. approval of dicamba-tolerant soybeans--a situation that has caused the death of thousands of acres of neighboring fields and dicamba is sprayed and drifts to neighbors.

An Introduction to Rodale Institute in Iowa

Rodale Institute was the first farming organization to experiment and promote organic principles. Indeed, Rodale was the inventor of organic farming, insisting that the soil be nurtured and pests be fought without petroleum-based chemicals. On their Pennsylvania property, they try new and old experiments for row-cropping, vegetable farming, livestock maintenance and equipment innovation by using techniques they've perfected through the years. Now they are bringing their ideas to the midwest with a cooperative venture in Iowa. Kristine Lang talks to Margot McMillen about the work being done there and explains how midwestern farmers can get in touch and learn more.

Growing Hemp in Mid-Missouri

In 2017, the Missouri State Legislature passed a law allowing the cultivation of hemp in Missouri. Dan Kuebler of the Salad Garden in Boone County is one of the early adopters for the new crop. With his co-worker Garrett Fosse, Dan explains how he's learning the new system and what it will mean for his farm.