Amy Klobuchar at the Iowa Farmers Union

Amy Klobuchar has received the Farmers Union Golden Triangle award several times in gratitude for work she has done for family farms. A Minnesotan, in her speech she teases Iowa in a good-natured way, but it is clear that her heart (and her head) are with the farmers. She is particularly concerned about dairy farmers and wants fairness in trade policy. She has worked on programs to bring young persons back to rural places. She is concerned about climate crisis and will immediately bring us back to the climate change agreements, bring back regulations regarding mpg in cars and other changes that might help.

Amy Klobuchar was one of four presidential candidates invited to the Iowa Farmers Union annual meeting. As a Minnesotan, she is well-aware of the problems facing farmers. She covers issues around trade wars, climate change, the aging rural population, consolidation of industry and the favoritism for wealthy now shown by the present administration, especially in the tax bill.