Chatting with Howie Shucard, award-winning dog trainer

Howie Shucard of Ashland, Missouri, is an award-winning dog trainer specializing in curing aggression problems. Especially important during lockdowns, he wants all dogs and all owners to have happy experiences, and gives lots of tips on how to have a good relationship with your dog.

The subject of happy dogs and happy dog owners is especially important in a time of covid-19 lockdowns. Howie Shucard, dog trainer, says the most important time in a dog's life is early puppyhood when dogs should be exposed to all kinds of people in all kinds of settings. This early socialization prevents many future problems and results in a secure, attentive dog that an owner can work with. He has trained his own dogs to recognize and respond to hundreds of words. He hopes this podcast episode will help many owners and dogs from experiencing the frustration of poor communication or, worse, aggressive behavior.