Conversation with Scott Dye, activist

Scott Dye is a team member of the Socially Responsible Agriculture Program. This group, based in Salem, Oregon, is perhaps the only national organization focused on fighting factory farms. When a neighborhood asks for assistance fighting a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, SRAP sends information and help. Scott's territory is the northern tier of states in the United States.

Scott Dye has been active as an organizer for communities faced with the incursion of a Concentrated Animal Feeding Operation, or CAFO. His own family farm, in northwest Missouri, is now surrounded by CAFOs owned by a Chinese firm that bought out Smithfield a few years ago. Being keenly aware of how factory farming takes over the market and destroys neighborhoods, Scott has dedicated his life to helping other communities resist. One of the states he works in, North Dakota, has been effective in controlling CAFOs and in this episode Scott explains how the character of that state helps communities organize and win. To learn more, visit