July 15 2020 BONUS Interview Material

The interview went longer than the episode could contain. This bonus episode is provided in order to share with you everything that Dr. Lawrence shared with us.

The interview with Dr. Robert Lawrence for the July 15 episode went longer than we could broadcast on a 60-minute show. Portions of the interview had to be cut including the closing remarks. We feel that Dr. Lawrence’s messages are important to share and so have included some of the cut portions in a bonus podcast. 
In this bonus podcast Robert shares information about coronavirus data and a website he uses to track data. He shares information about a mega-industrial hog corporation working in Missouri, that is owned by an international corporation and how today’s markets are working. 
He discusses ecological issues including the international movement of water through selling grain on international markets. A serious impact on aquifers. And of course human health issues are discussed in detail with real life stories of the science and the impact on communities that the current industrial agricultural system is creating.
There’s more…hope you enjoy!